Mia Erie - Animated Logo & Icons


Photographer Mia Erie asked for a new visual identity that needed to match her new photography theme and style. She is a maternity photographer, inspired by nature, and it’s many colors, shapes, and its beauty.

Because of that, I made several sketches that allude to maternity, photography, nature, and/or the photographer’s origins.


The symbol she chose depicts the love between a mother and her child by using different heart sizes (the big one being the mother, the small one meaning the baby).


The lettering was made in a cute and romantic style to relate to the photography tone that Mia Erie produces. The handmade lettering in this curvy arch style makes it more dynamic and humanizes the brand.


The font is round and squared at the same time, bringing an organized mood that isn’t too serious.


The colors were picked using her own maternity photos as a palette.


Hand drawn icons were created for her to use in the future website.