Nutries App - UI Design


Nutries is a Brazilian app that provides nutritional information about your groceries. With this app, you can check if the products you're buying are as natural or healthy as they claim they are, check on nutritional values for produce, industrialized products, recipes, and even get a personalized analysis of what you're consuming and what you should be eating more to have a healthier lifestyle.




After researching the competition, I've tried several sketches and tested them with a small group of people. These screens are part of the version with the best results.




I've tested the low fidelity prototype and the wireframe with potential users so we'd have a better idea of what could be improved and what it was already working well. Small changes were made considering the research data.



The high fidelity prototype was created considering the brand guidelines.


Then I've tested the high fidelity prototype using an interactive model to check if the small changes were indeed the best approach to follow. The users had no problems navigating the interactive prototype, so we continued creating new screens and testing it again, before going into the development stage.




For the icons needed to have the same style and pattern, I had created all of them from scratch. The examples below are allergens warning icons.